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O’Grady Family Crest

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These are the inspiring tales of the Irish soldiers who served at Gettysburg during the Civil War.

Your guide will lead you through the back streets of Gettysburg and tell of the Irish experiences during the three-day battle.

Discover the men of the Irish Brigade, the Irish Gettysburg citizens who lived through the battle, and the Louisiana Tigers of the Confederacy.

Hear how the Irish came to immigrate to America, and why they fought and risked their lives for their new country. Learn why some fought for the North and some for the South.

Learn how the Irish suffered from prejudice and injustice before and during the war.

Hear of the history of the Irish at the Battle of Gettysburg – their spirit, their courage, their humor, and their faith.

Learn how to make a love potion.

Learn about corpse candles.

Learn about Irish traditions, beliefs, and customs, among them ~

  • Why do Irishmen carry a crust of bread when crossing a grassy field?
  • What should you do when you meet a red-headed female while traveling?
  • What is a “Banshee” – and what is its true purpose?
  • What is an Irish Wake, and what are traditional burial customs?
  • What do the Irish pray that God will do for their enemies?
  • When must a tombstone be placed on an Irish grave?

Learn how to give an insult in true Irish fashion.

Come and experience all this and more on the “Irish of Gettysburg Historic Walking Tour.”

A family-friendly tour for visitors of all ages.

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Brigade Chaplain Father William Corby absolves the Union’s Irish Brigade before they meet the Confederates at the Wheatfield in Gettysburg.
The Great T Shirt Company

Grave Digger Tours leave from The Great T Shirt Company, located at 65 Steinwehr Avenue in Gettysburg, PA.
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Morris.

Monument to the Irish Brigade on the Gettysburg battlefield.
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Morris.

Tours ~

Our tours run most nights from April 1st through October 31st.

We also run tours, weather permitting, during the off-season and by special appointment.

Most tours begin at dusk.

For tour times and availability, please call our office at 717-334-8611 or send an eMail to sales@gravediggertours.com

You may also contact your guide, Patty – Patty@gravediggertours.com

Tickets ~

Purchase tickets inside The Great T Shirt Company.

Ticket prices ~

$10  –  Per person
$8  –  Group rate for 15 or more people
Free admission  –  Children 5 and under

Tour times ~

April and May ~
Irish of Gettysburg tour  –  6 pm
Aftermath tour  –  8 pm
Women of Gettysburg tour  –  By Appointment
June, July, August, September ~
Irish of Gettysburg tour  –  6:30 pm
Aftermath tour  –  8:30 pm
Women of Gettysburg tour  –  By Appointment
After October 10 ~
Irish of Gettysburg tour  –  6 pm
Aftermath tour  –  8 pm
Women of Gettysburg tour  –  By Appointment

Directions ~

Grave Digger Tours leave from ~

The Great T Shirt Company
65 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, PA


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Parking ~

Free parking is available after 5 pm in the lot behind the The Great T Shirt Company.

Metered parking is available along Steinwehr Avenue and nearby Baltimore Street.

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