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After the battle,
Gettysburg was a picture of desolation,
devastation and death
in its ghastliest and most abhorrent form.

Preparing skeletons for proper burial

Many soldiers lay dead, while the town was polluted with a sickening, disgusting stench that could be smelled for miles.

A first-hand account states it was the most disgusting atmosphere he’d ever breathed – and thought it impossible for human beings to live.

There are dozens of tours in Gettysburg that describe the battle and the paranormal.

But there is only one tour company that brings the REAL Horrors of War to life – The Grave Digger Tours.

Follow our “diggers” as they take you on an unforgettable experience recalling eyewitness accounts of the soldiers and citizens who had to clean up the mess of 8,000 dead soldiers, 27,000 wounded – and over 5,000 dead horses.

We offer these walking tours through the historic back streets and alleys of Gettysburg ~

Our tours run most nights from April 1st through mid-November.

We also run tours during the off-season and by special appointment – weather permitting.

Are you an author working on a novel set in the Gettysburg area in the 1860s? Join us! Our guided walking tours are an excellent opportunity to visit locations in existence during the Civil War – and give you the opportunity to find out more about that period of our American history.

Our tours leave from ~

The Great T Shirt Company
65 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Ticket prices ~

$10  –  Per person
$8  –  Group rate for 15 or more people
Free admission  –  Children 5 and under

Tour times ~

April and May ~
Irish of Gettysburg tour  –  6 pm
Aftermath tour  –  8 pm
Women of Gettysburg tour  –  By Appointment
June, July, August, September ~
Irish of Gettysburg tour  –  6:30 pm
Aftermath tour  –  8:30 pm
Women of Gettysburg tour  –  By Appointment
After October 10 ~
Irish of Gettysburg tour  –  6 pm
Aftermath tour  –  8 pm
Women of Gettysburg tour  –  By Appointment

Reservations ~

For reservations, please call our office at 717-334-8611.

Or send an eMail to sales@gravediggertours.com

You may also contact your guide, Patty – Patty@gravediggertours.com

For more information on tours, please visit Our Tours page.

Experience Gettysburg’s Premiere
If You Dare . . . . . . . . .

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